Why Can’t Paste be “Paste as Plain Text”?

I no longer use the Paste command (Cmd+V). Paste has become utterly useless to me in the last decade. If I use Paste in an email then the rest of my email has a different font and a different formatting. If I use paste in a word processor it invariably messes the document up in some way – non-matching format and/or different font. When I use the Paste command I want just the text – not the formatting.

That brings me to the Paste Special command. Unfortunately it’s so cumbersome to use it’s infuriating. I have to do a four finger salute. Four! Shift+Option+Cmd+V. And I have to grok another dialog which asks which of 2+ formats I want. Why can’t Paste be “Paste as Plain Text” and Paste Special be “Paste with Formatting”? Cmd+V – that simple key sequence you learned the first week you used the computer. Paste has been overtaken by feature creep and I want it back!