A Windows “Feature” I Wish Apple Hadn’t Copied For Snow Leopard

In Microsoft Windows (all versions), I always found it annoying and disconcerting to see generic icons in Windows Explorer one moment replaced by official/pretty icons the next when starting up or first opening an Explorer window.  It just enforced the “lipstick on a pig” feeling you sometimes got in Windows.

Well, Snow Leopard 10.6.0 is doing it now.  And does it a lot.  At first I thought it was a caching issue but it’s not. And in the screenshot accompanying this post two of the icons never switched over (Address Book.app and Airfoil.app) until I went to a different directory and came back to /Applications.  This must be a side affect of rewriting the Finder.  It’s sloppy and doesn’t give me a “rock solid” feel like 10.5.x (and before) where you never saw this happen.

Icon Redraw in Snow Leaopard