How many engineers does it take…

I just came across an old email and thought I would share a silicon valley war story. This may prove to be prophetic as we’re expecting a wafer from the fab soon… and then packaged parts… around Thanksgiving. Uh oh.

How many engineers does it take to pick-up a package from FedEx? 4

How many trips does it take to pick-up said package from FedEx? 3

Friday, November 28, 2008 Black Friday – The day after Thanksgiving.

  • We were expecting a package from Advotech with packaged parts. It was shipped Wednesday for Friday delivery.
  • Jarie checked FedEx tracking. Received in Sunnyvale at 7:26am. At 7:31am FedEx says, “Holiday – Business closed” Ruh-ro.
  • Jarie calls FedEx to find out what happened.
  • Gerrior decides to drive to FedEx in Sunnyvale. Jarie waits at Tagent for package – just in case.
  • At FedEx Gerrior encounters the surly Kathy. “We called all the businesses and you said you were closed.” I ask, “We’re a 10 person company. Who did you speak with?” She goes off to check only to find out they didn’t call and that businesses who don’t get daily pick-up are assumed to be closed today. The package is in an airplane shipping container. It won’t be opened until Monday AM. If I arrive Sat can I get it? No. If I arrive Sun can I get it? No. She tells me, in the future call the night the package is shipped to indicate we’ll be open for business (huh? What schedule is that?). She promises a refund. Gerrior leaves dejected.
  • Upon return to Tagent, Anno and Daniel have arrived. We all 4 decide to drive to FedEx to get the package… manpower to help move packages if nothing else.
  • Back at FedEx Kathy is pushing back and Jarie asks to speak to the supervisor.
  • Dave, the supervisor, and his assistant “Bruno” (we must have freaked Kathy a little when half the Company showed up) says he’ll have some guys at 3pm to get into the shipping container. We leave them a sample package to assist in looking.
  • We leave Sunnyvale and as we’re getting off the Whisman exit from 237, Dave calls and says they found the package. It was just inside the container.
  • We make a u-turn and drive back to FedEx.
  • We return to FedEx all smiles and handshakes and pick-up the package at 11:12am. The package says, “Fri – 28NOV Priority Overnight”.
  • Back at Tagent at 11:30am to begin work!

FedEx – when it absolutely, positively has to be there in 5 days.