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Self Checkout: Now Serving a Bad UX

Self checkout systems at supermarkets and hardware stores are becoming ubiquitous.  They all deliver a horrible user experience.  I was in Lucky recently and after swiping my credit card I was prompted “Credit 6.98 OK?”.  It took me three three tries to get it right (I know – I’m slow).  But here’s what went through my mind:

  1. The Debit button’s arrow it pointing toward the “OK?” on the screen.  I’ll press the Debit button.  Fail.
  2. Are they asking me, “Debit or Credit?”.  I press the Credit button.  Fail.
  3. I press the green Enter button.  Success!

But I have to ask myself:

  • Why is “OK?” the approval phrase?  The button they want me to press is labeled Enter AND Yes.  Why didn’t they use either of those words?
  • In addition to allowing the Enter button to be a valid input, is there any reason not to have Debit and/or Credit be a valid button too?
  • And they couldn’t be bothered to add a dollar sign to the display?  To wit “Credit $6.98”

Don’t Use Coolmax CD-350-COMBO Multifunctional Converter

From reading the reviews of this product on Amazon I likely inserted the Molex connector in the wrong orientation into the converter.  Instead of the female-corded end being made of hard plastic, it’s made of soft rubber.  I didn’t even realize it was being inserted incorrectly because there was enough give in the connector to give the user a false sense of correct insertion.  Of course I can’t test my hypothesis as getting it wrong will result in another fried motherboard. Buyer beware.