VMware Tools in Fedora 10 Issues

I used VMware’s instructions to install VMware Tools (VMwareTools-7.9.3-147997.tar.gz from VMware Fusion v2.0.2 (147997)) in Fedora 10 using the “Installing VMware Tools from the Command Line with the Tar Installer” section.  For the most part I feel that I was successful.  I can copy/paste and the system time updates coming out of standby which it never did before under Fedora 8.

I am having to reconnect the NIC manually coming out of standby.  SELinux mechanism is firing and seemingly the cause of the problem.  I don’t have a solution.

One example is: SELinux prevented mount from mounting on the file or directory “/usr/lib/vmware-tools/sbin32/vmware-hgfsmounter” (type “lib_t”) when I went into suspend and came out.  I issued the fix command explained in “settroubleshoot browser”.  It did take a few moments to complete.

Another example is: SELinux is preventing ifconfig (ifconfig_t) “read” to /var/run/vmware-active-nics (initrc_var_run_t). This file does not exist.  I suspect this file exists when it comes out of standby but then gets deleted after the NICs are re-activated. 

Before installing VMware Tools, I was able to boot with no problem.  Now when I boot the POST screen has two issues:

  • Mounting local filesystems: FAILED
  • Mounting HGFS shares: FAILED (This one is under “Starting VMware Tools services in the virtual machine:”).  I solved this problem by sharing a folder with my Mac from the Fusion Settings dialog for the Virtual Machine.